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When the Jerome family makes threats against TJ, Shawn contacts his mother because he wants to send TJ back home to keep him safe.

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When TJ (Tequan Richmond) and Molly are faced with death when the town's water supply is poisoned, they make a bucket list and contemplate making love for the first time.

TJ celebrates with Molly when she writes her own novel but her book is stolen by Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan). In 2013, TJ gets jealous when Molly befriends Rafe Kovich (Jimmy Deshler), although she insists they are just friends.

Shawn thinks Molly will be a good influence on TJ and encourages them to spend time together.

In exchange for tutoring him, TJ agrees to help Molly make more friends by creating a fake social media account for her.

TJ finds comfort with his new prom date Taylor Du Bois (Samantha Logan) and they sleep together.

TJ immediately regrets the decision and wants to reconcile with Molly, but those plans are derailed when Taylor reveals that they slept together.

At first, Shawn is reluctant to take him in until TJ reminds Shawn of his part in his father Tommy's death.

Shawn moves TJ in with him at Kelly's Diner and enrolls him in Port Charles High, where he befriends Molly Lansing (Haley Pullos).

Meanwhile, Shawn's job in organized crime breaks up his relationship with Alexis and TJ is dragged into when he is taken hostage by Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise).

TJ witnesses Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) accidentally shoot Max Giambetti and is questioned by the police after Shawn rescues him.

The rebellious teenager attracts the attention of the good girl Molly Lansing (Haley Pullos).