Updating an antique wardrobe trunk best driver updating software 2016

Plus you can always store throw blankets or seasonal decorations inside the chest. Night Stand: A miniature trunk is a great alternative to a bedside table, and if you want to give it some extra height, just add legs.

Tap the nails in place with a hammer, and bend them over inside to attach them to the wood.

If the old nails won’t hold, replace them with new nails or screws.

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When enough nails have been removed, slide the old leather handle out of the bracket and replace it with the new one.

If possible, use the original nails to secure the new handle.We’re thinking little knick-knacks and a plant or two. DIY Trunk Office: Instead of just tossing and forgetting, use the inside of your trunk for a more organized purpose with some file storage. Paint it, cover it with fabric or fill it with faux fur.Whatever you do, have fun with making this the most unique pet bed ever. Outdoor Space: Depending on how attached you are to your trunk or how much rain you get, you could use it in your outside space as a table or a place to keep your cushions and outdoor decor out of the weather.After the surface has been cleaned, apply a thin coat of paste wax, and as it hardens, buff it to a natural sheen.The paste-wax coating will improve the piece’s appearance and protect the surface from spills.Stain new leather handles with a commercial oil-based stain before installation.