Are jeremy sumpter and rachel hurd wood dating

“Reunited at dinneyland #blessed #happy #newadventures.”Though the movie, directed by Australian helmsman P. Hogan, received decent reviews (Roger Ebert gave it three-and-a-half stars out of four), it was a disastrous flop at the box office – it cost 0 million to make, and made back just 2 million.

With Sumpter as Pan and Hurd-Wood taking up the role of Wendy Darling, it also starred ‘Harry Potter’ star Jason Isaacs in the dual roles of George Darling and Captain Hook.Elsewhere, Richard Briars played Mr Smee, while Lynn Redgrave played the Darling children’s Aunt Millicent. They promised to never to grow up, so lets all praise our lucky stars that Peter and Wendy DID eventually hit adulthood for no reason other than they’re really flipping fit now…To limber up for the role, the young Jeremy practised sword fighting for up to five hours a day, as well as training in gymnastics and lifting weights.He was certainly a growing boy- during filming the window of the nursery had to be rebuilt twice because Jeremy had grown from 5 feet tall to 5’8 during.

But hey, poor window rebuilding people, lets just be happy he grew up!

Peter Pan's darker tendencies, the sad realism of the Darling parents, and the unsettling sexual tension that sometimes underlay the romance in the film are all good cause to say that the movie's a little more adult than it appears to be.

Not to mention how it hammers in Peter's fear of abandonment and loss.

And the venue couldn’t have been more fairytale either…

to Instagram to post a picture with his former teen star." data-reactid="24"The ‘Friday Night Lights’ star, who was 14 when he played the role of the boy who never grew up in the movie, took to Instagram to post a picture with his former teen star.“My little Rach,” he captioned.

The digital effects went into making Neverland has fantastical-looking as possible, but the actual flight looked pretty real because all of the actors -- especially Sumpter -- went through months of harness and wire training to prepare.